Divorce Litigation is the process whereby a contested divorce, which is most often a contested no-fault divorce filed pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 208, Sec. 1B, proceeds from filing of the complaint for divorce through trial and post-trial submissions.  Attorney John G. DiPiano has engaged in Divorce Litigation throughout his career.  The process may include all, or some, of the following:  filing and service of a complaint for divorce, production of and review of mutual Supplemental Probate and Family Court Rule 410 Disclosures, Propounding and Answering Interrogatories and Requests for Production of Documents, Preparation of, or Opposition To, Motions for Temporary Orders or other Interlocutory Orders, Dealing with a Guardian ad litem , Pre-Trial Preparation, Trial Preparation, Conduct of Trials, Drafting of Post-Trial Submissions.  Although not part of the Trial Process, Attorney DiPiano also handles Appeals.