Some cases present with complex asset issues that may include such matters as the valuation and division of foreign assets, discovery of hidden assets, valuation of stock options, division of stock options, restricted stock units, division of stock holdings, mutual fund division, retirement asset division, ERISA protected assets and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, together with and balancing the overall division while retaining asset holding diversification, if diversification is preferred.  Attorney DiPiano is familiar with such issues, having handled a variety of said matters throughout his career.  Inexperience or inability in dealing with complex asset division issues can cost you dearly, either as a payor or payee.

If you are faced with Complex Asset Valuation and Complex Asset Division Issues, you will benefit from a seasoned Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer who is not only familiar with the issues, but who is well connected to a variety of experts, inclusive of Real Estate Appraisers, Business Appraisers, Forensic Accountants, Certified Public Accountants, and other such professionals.  Over the years, Salem Divorce Attorney John G. DiPiano has confronted complex asset issues in a variety of cases.  Call Salem Family Law Attorney John G. DiPiano for your consultation.