Business Asset Division is an area of family law that requires careful attention and analysis.  Often, expert witnesses are consulted who specialize in business appraisal and valuation are needed in these matters.  The form of the business, whether it is family owned business, a closely held corporation, or a so-called subchapter "S" or "C" corporation are all important factors.  Massachusetts presently follows the Bernie r  rule in certain circumstances, which some experts in this state consider as a situation resulting in business asset overvaluation.  Complex business asset valuation and complex business asset division are cases where experience, knowledge, and a tie-in to well respected expert consultants are key to an equitable outcome.

Salem Family Law Attorney John G. DiPiano has many years of experience as a Divorce Asset Valuation Lawyer, inclusive of Business Asset Valuation and Division.  He has worked with experts, including forensic accounting experts, business valuation experts, appraisers and accountants in successfully negotiating and litigation the division of assets in the context of divorce.  He has been invited to lecture on the subject of Complex Asset Division for the National Business Institute.  If you need a greater Boston Asset Division Attorney, please contact Attorney DiPiano for your consultation.