As a practicing Massachusetts Family Law Attorney in a competitive market, I (often reluctantly) engage in blogging and social media updating to let people know who and where I am and what I do.  All of us in business, large, medium and small, operate in an environment where print media and traditional networking are no longer the mainstay of client development.  But what is the right level of outreach?

I try to average a post a week, or more if I am so inclined.  Lately I have been quite active, with a post almost daily.  When I see colleagues posting each day, every other day, or once a week, it is a nice reminder of my professional and social network, and keeps those people "top of the mind" so to speak. 

But, when I see multiple, often serial posts, one after the other, day after day, from the same business or person, and for a sustained period of time, I find myself annoyed for two reasons.  First, saturation posting overwhelms and dominates the competing posts.  the poster who, or on whose behalf, those posts may subscribe to guerilla marketing may think this is a good thing - I disagree.  Frankly, it presents as electronic junk mail.  Second, it clutters my mind.  I mentally find myself sifting through the serial posts to see if anyone of them really says anything different from another.  When this persists for months, I find myself guiltily removing the source from my network. 

So, how much is just right, and how much is too much?

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